Understanding areas on Email/MOT Tuning form (not retune form)

This blog we are going to discuss the different areas on our initial tuning forms. 

NA or Power Adder Tune?

NA is naturally aspirated. No nitrous or turbo, etc.

Power Adder- This means you have nitrous, turbo, supercharger on the vehicle. 

Fuel Option

Will you be doing 93 octane and running E85 also? You will start with your normal gas (87-93) tunes and email data logs and make all revisions in 100% gas to start. Once all gas data logs are complete, we enable and work on E85 data logging. Must have a flex fuel sensor installed. 

Vehicle Usage

Swap- you have swapped an LS/LT engine in a vehicle that didn't come with it. Be it an older car or one that you removed a V6 and put in a V8

Street- the vehicle is used as a daily driver, back and forth to work and occasion track visits. 

Race- the vehicle is used for mainly the track. You use the vehicle for racing. 

Does your VIN match? 

We understand with a swap that the vehicle and PCM will not match. But with non-swaps and 07 up they must match. If they do not you will run in to issues with vehicle security. 

Does your engine, PCM, and vehicle match?

Your vehicle engine PCM must match. That means you have a V8 LS engine that is drive by wire throttle body. You must have a V8 drive wire PCM. Gen 3 engine and gen 3 PCM. You cannot run your v8 swap with a v6 computer. 

Fuel: Type and Octane Rating

What fuel will you run 87, 89, 91, 93 octane? If you selected above to run e85 option as well still need to know was regular octane will run normally besides e85. 

Fuel System

If it is completely stock select that, if you have changed pump, or anything then select aftermarket and you will then be asked to provide the following details: Specify fuel pump, return/return less, fuel regulator type, and base pressure.


If you have an aftermarket cam then select that option and give details of cam. Part number, lift, duration, etc. More info the better.  


List what heads you are running, stock, ported, aftermarket bigger ones. Provide details on aftermarket heads. 


If stock select stock, but if changed them out then provide part number, flow rate. Do not list calculated flow rate. Also do not used decapped injectors, we will not tune for them. 

Intake Manifold

Stock LS/LT intake manifold or are you running a FAST, MSD, etc.  Many times when changing the manifold the map sensor is changed please specify.

Throttle Body

What throttle body are you running? Stock or aftermarket like a Nick Williams, Katech, TSP, and list size of throttle body as well, 95mm, 102, 105mm. 


Do you have long tubes, shorty headers or are they stock. 

Catalytic Converters

Are the stock ones after market or non-present.


Do you have to do emissions testing where you are. All MOT tunes will pass system readiness testing  


What Trans are you running? Manual, 4l80, etc. 


What converter are you running in your auto car? Stock one or aftermarket. If aftermarket you are going to list your details in the box below. Specify brand, stall speed, etc. If you have a stall in 07 or newer you must send download TCM with PCM. This is required to change for stall and even tire size.

Shift Firmness

How do you want your auto trans  to shift? Soft if more for normal daily driving cars. Medium is more geared toward occasional racing. Hard is for those hard core racers. If you are unsure call us. 

Rear end gear ratio

What gears are in your rear end, having this off can effect shift points, and speedo 

Tire Size

What tire size are you running, give details such as 305/45/17. This being off can effect shift points, speedo. 

Desired fan speed

This is for when your fan kick on, helping cool vehicle. If change thermostat to cooler one this should be adjusted. 

Delete VATS

Yes/no? *Custom application remove Vats VATS=Vehicle Anti-Theft System (Must be removed for swaps)