TSP VVT-3.2 L99 Camshaft

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Check out our new TSP L99 Stage 3 VVT camshaft!  Since we are one of the only companies that designs, grinds, and tests our camshafts in-house, we are able to constantly test for better lobes, grinds, and combinations!  Our camshafts are the result of endless engine dyno testing on our SuperFlow 902 engine dyno using a factory GM L99 engine with factory cylinder heads.  Our L99 Stage 3 camshaft will be a great choice for those looking for a more aggressive camshaft that makes excellent power but not wanting the most aggressive setup possible.  This camshaft will have a noticeable lope at idle and will drive well with a minimum stall speed torque converter of 3,200 RPM.  This cam makes more power than the factory camshaft from 3,000 RPM all the way to the 6,600 RPM peak.

Cam Specs: 231/243, .649"/.629", 113 LSA

The L99 engine utilizes Variable Valve Timing (VVT) controlled via a cam phaser. Cam phasers are computer-controlled cam gears that automatically optimize camshaft timing based on the current engine RPM. While this technology provides tremendous efficiency benefits, it presents a challenge when designing performance cams due to the wide range of valve timing movement and constantly changing piston-to-valve clearance.  With the help of Texas Speed's Superflow 902 engine dyno, we were able to custom design camshafts & phaser tuning tables to allow our L99 customers the ability to bolt on the ultimate in L99 performance!  Thanks to the Superflow 902 dyno, Texas Speed is the only company that currently offers a VVT camshaft with a phaser table included to properly tune the camshaft once it's installed in your Camaro!

The VVT-1, VVT-2, VVT-3, and VVT-4 camshafts are all designed with more aggressive lobes that require the removal of the AFM lifters from your L99 vehicle.  This will require the installer to remove the cylinder heads & install standard, non-DOD style lifters in place of the AFM lifters.  If you do not want to remove your cylinder heads you might consider looking at the AFM-1, AFM-2, & AFM-3 camshafts.  All three AFM series camshafts still feature full VVT control, but they also use weaker lobes that are designed to be compatible with AFM lifters!

Each L99 camshaft Texas Speed offers will require the use of a Comp Cams Phaser limiter kit. The phaser limiter restricts the range of cam timing movement from 50° to 20°. This modification provides the necessary valve clearance for serious performance camshafts with tighter lobe separations – while still utilizing the benefits of the VVT technology.

The VVT technology is an awesome step forward in technology that allows us to create camshafts that make huge high RPM horsepower while still making great power down low in the RPM band!  The result is camshafts that can make over 100 flywheel horsepower gains while still making great low RPM power!

TSP VVT-3.2 L99 Camshaft - MailOrder Tuner
TSP VVT-3.2 L99 Camshaft - MailOrder Tuner
TSP VVT-3.2 L99 Camshaft - MailOrder Tuner

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