Texas Speed and Performance L99 Cam Package

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This package will include the following items:
  • Texas Speed L99 VVT Camshaft (Designed To Work With VVT Phaser; REQUIRES REMOVAL OF AFM)
  • Your Choice of TSP Dual Valve Spring Kit with PAC Racing Valve Springs
  • Texas Speed Hardened Chromoly Pushrods
  • Comp Cams Phaser Limiter Kit
These TSP L99 camshafts are custom designed for applications where the AFM lifters are being removed.  By removing the AFM Lifters we are able to run lobes similar to what the LS-3 engines run. The result is approximately 15 extra horsepower compared to the AFM friendly lobes!!
    Texas Speed is one of very few companies that is able to test & properly develop L99 camshafts using the camshaft phaser.  As a result it's very important that we do not release the entire specs of each L99 camshaft. If you have additional questions about sizes & recommended use please give us a call!

    We have two options listed for our dual valve spring kits.  The default option will use our PRC integrated one-piece seat and seal that simply pushes in place.  The other option is for the separate two-piece seat and seal that you typically find in any dual valve spring kit.  The two-piece kit will require separate installation of the valve seals after the seats are in place, and it does require a specific tool to make sure that the valve seals are installed properly (i.e. not crooked, torn, or not installed fully).  Our integrated seat and seal will make your installation much easier because it is virtually impossible to install it incorrectly!  You can choose either kit for no additional charge.  We have a picture listed when you select each spring kit so you can see the actual differences in the two kits.

    VVT Cam Bolt Torque Specs
    Re-Using OEM Bolt: 48 lb + 50°
    Using New GM Bolt: 48 lb + 90°

    All L99 TSP camshafts require the use of a Comp Cams Phaser Limiter kit (included in L99 Cam Packages).
    All L99 TSP camshafts require the removal of AFM/DOD. Delete kits can be purchased separately.

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