Copy of HP TUNERS MPVI2+ ( New Version with 4 credits )

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The HP Tuners MPVI2+ is similar in what it can do to the MPVI2+, but with the addition of the “+” comes an array of connectivity upgrades. Most notably, MPVI2+ features Bluetooth 5.0, allowing support for select iOS and Android applications. Also, the USB-C connector allows the tool to communicate 12 times faster, operating at 4 MB/s compared to 330 KB/s. When combined with the Pro Feature Set and Pro Link+, you can enjoy the full professional experience, with two analog signals and one CAN signal all at once when calibrating or datalogging. The MPVI2+ also adds a new RGB LED status light to communicate device status.

Finally, to help keep the communication connection secure, the HP Tuners MPVI2+ has a motorsports grade 4-pin M8 connector that screws into place, preventing the tuning tool from becoming dislodged. In the case of a race car, this can prevent your knee from hitting the tool and interrupting any datalogging efforts.