TSP Stage 3 5.3 VVT Truck Camshaft

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216/220, .600"/.600", 112 LSA

The 2007.5+ truck engines utilize Variable Valve Timing (VVT) controlled via a cam phaser. A cam phaser is a computer-controlled cam gear that automatically optimizes camshaft timing based on the current engine RPM. While this technology provides tremendous efficiency benefits, it presents a challenge when designing performance cams due to the wide range of valve timing movement and constantly changing piston-to-valve clearance.  With the help of Texas Speed's Superflow 902 engine dyno, we are able to custom-design camshafts and phaser tuning tables to allow our VVT truck customers the ability to purchase the ultimate in performance camshafts!  Thanks to the Superflow 902 dyno, Texas Speed is the only company that currently offers a VVT camshaft with a phaser table included to properly tune the camshaft phaser once it's installed in your truck!

The VVT stage 3 camshaft is a great choice for customers looking for nice power gains while keeping great street manners and full towing capabilities.  Our VVT stage 3 truck camshaft will have a slight lope at idle in 5.3L engines.  Each VVT truck camshaft Texas Speed offers will require the use of a Comp Cams Phaser limiter kit #5456. The phaser limiter restricts the range of cam timing movement from 50° to 20°. This modification provides the necessary valve clearance for serious performance camshafts with tighter lobe separations while still utilizing the benefits of the VVT technology.