Yank Power Adder Series Torque Converter

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This converter is built to order, please allow 7-10 business days for shipping.

Yank is proud to announce its new line of PAS Series converters. These are a 9.5in billet converter based around are successful SS Series product line. This new line of converters is specifically designed for power adder cars with NOS, small turbo, or superchargers. These models will couple up quicker and multiply torque harder. Contact Yank Performance for more information on this new featured product. 

  • Rated to 650 RWHP
  • One piece roller burnished hub
  • new torrington bearings
  • fully furnace brazed pump and impeller
  • hardened splines 
  • 1 free re-stall in first year
  • 3 yr. warranty