2015-2021 LT1 and LT4 PCM & TCM tuning Gas/Flex fuel tuning & Hptuner

LT1/4 Tuning 

With the LT1/4 cars gaining popularity in the aftermarket world we get lots of calls on what mods to do and if they can run a cam with TCM tuning or stall etc. So let's go over some of the basics. 

PCM tuning

All 6th-generation Camaro and C7 can be tuned with no issues on the PCM ie the engine side. You can do intake manifold, exhaust, TB, e85, supercharger, etc with no issues on the engine side. Again it doesn't matter if it is a 14-21 model year. Gains from mods depend on the complete setup, as in what intake manifold is used, what cold air, what header size is used, 93 vs E85, and even auto vs manual. If you have questions about anything talk to your tuner about the best application for your build and your goals with your car. For example, stock cars will normally pick up roughly 25whp but again depending on mods, their gains can turn into 30-100whp.

TCM tuning

Transmission tuning is where it gets tricky honestly. As of right now there is no trans tuning for 2020+ TCM's. What does this mean? For starters, you can't tune the trans to shift at higher RPMs to take full advantage of MSD/Highram, and/or cammed setups. MSD/Highram setup shine above 6800+ rpm. Without trans tuning, you can not spin automatics that high. Manual cars do not have to worry about this as they don't need trans tuning in the same fashion as automatics. This also limits in some ways what you can do as far as cam selection. We can cam your car, but you have to be very specific on what you are doing. As no trans tuning means no installing a higher stall converter. SO big cams must be custom ground to still work with stock stalls. Early LT cars from 17-19 TCMs can be tuned, but the TCM must be sent to HPTuners to be unlocked or buy a new TCM from HPTuners. Once unlocked there are still extra credits that have to be used besides the PCM side. 14-16 do not need TCM unlocked. Again before buying everything like cam etc talk with your tuner. With a stock intake manifold, there is no reason to spin a car to 7500rpm. 


Again before running out and spending a bunch of money on parts I suggest talking to the tuner you plan to use. Most tuners have done several setups and can help steer you in the right direction. The mod list will depend on several factors such as budget and goals with the car. IE setting it up to run deep 10s on motor, or just sound and look good at Cars and Coffee.