Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you ever wanted to know about mail tuning…


What is the difference between a Mail Order tune and a Street or Dyno tune at the shop?


  • Mail order tunes are a popular choice for people who don’t have easy access to a local dyno tuner. That’s why we ask so many question on our tune form - to give you most of the value of a dyno tune without the hassle.
  • A dyno tune is more of a max effort situation. We use our dyno mostly to diagnose problems. Say I’ve got a 2008 Silverado with a TSP stage 2 camshaft and headers, I expect to see 310-325 rear wheel horsepower on our dyno. When I make a pull and only have 270 we know there’s a problem and we can probably find the source quickly.  The dyno also enables us to get more aggressive with our tunes but many times I have seen less than 10hp difference between mail order tunes vs dyno tunes. 

How much HP will I gain from your tune?


  • We generally see a 15-20 RWHP gain, most noticeable in the 2000-4500rpm range.

Will a tune void my warranty?


  • The dealer is not capable of reading your PCM, so it should never be an issue. We do not raise engine rev limiters or shift pressure, which is usually what causes problems.

Will the ECM be locked? What if I need to Read Codes?

  • We will never lock your ECM, so you’ll be able to scan your codes just like stock. We’re just providing a service and we do not think it’s appropriate to lock people out of their own hardware in the process.

What can I expect from this tune?


  • I normally tell people to expect an extra 2-3mpg. That said, TIRE SIZE and GEAR RATIO are two of the biggest factors in improving gas mileage. Please make sure you fill out this information accurately in our form - oftentimes people incorrectly put STOCK, which of course reduces the value of the tune.

What is VATS? 

  • Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems. When doing a swap you must specify this - if the computer doesn’t match the vehicle it’s going in and VATS is enabled, it may prevent the car from starting. Therefore, if your computer isn’t the one that came with your vehicle or if you’re not sure, please select to disable VATS.