Add channels to your HPTuners scanner for data logging.

This quick video is to help you understand how to add channels when doing your data logging on your vehicle. As mentioned in the video confirm with your tuner to now what all channels they want to see. 

If you have any questions with adding channels please send us an email or give us a call. 



Today we are going to be talking about how to add channels to our scan from when we do data logs. I Already have short-term fuels fuel pressure this is a different truck it is actually a turbo truck, but it's going to be the same for every vehicle. What you are going to do is go to where it says add Channel. Click on it, wait for it to populate, so once it populates you can go to engine, click on engine, come down to fuel open and closed loop.


Put on oxygen sensor we can get our bank one bank two voltages. For example, there will be our first or second right once we get those. We can even add our o2 heaters if we really wanted to get some more stuff but when you get in the closed-loop fuel learning we can see that these are already highlighted, but if I wanted those whichever ones I want.


As I clicked on his add them right now to our different stuff that we want to see. All right different stuff different vehicles that we tell you Hey we need to see your intake cam degrees angle you can go here and start clicking your different intake cam stuff like that.


So, if you want to the fuel system, you can even go into pressures, and see your fuel pressure you know fuel volumes give me a couple different channels. Either way this is going to be how you add different channels to your data log and to your scanner to be able to see what is going on, we could even do say injector flow rate I mean there's just so much things to add that some people want to see some people want depending on what vehicle you have is where it's going to be different knock retard most tuners are going to want to see you know your basic stuff here your long-term short-term fuel trims your engine RPMs your mass are your intake manifold pressure your timing advance so different owners want to see different things no ethanol fuel percent did e85.


You know it is going to tell us when you a d a v if you already had 93 in it to start telling you where it's at if you have a E85 flex fuel sensor of some sort on there so if I have 93 and I add 5 gallons of E85 then it's going to tell me hey, now I'm fuel content is 50% ethanol depending on how much do I have in there how much I dumped in there so take some time going there just explore you can go in there and explore and see different things you can add and then as always talk with your tuner and see what they personally want you to data log when you're doing your data logs most of them are pretty simple when it comes to NA i.e. all motor. There is some different stuff that you will be adding depending on your tuner because of what they want to see if you are boosted.