Building your Car/Truck and LS swap in and Garage Tips

The Number 1 call I take is about start up. What do I need to have for the engine to run? Many, many times I have customers who are in a huge rush to hear their new project run they do not install everything. 

You MUST install these parts before Startup!!

Oil! Please check the oil and Filter before you start the engine. If you have installed an Oil cooler swap pans with any type of extra lines.

Water/Coolant! Many times on new engines we run them to get heat cycles but the Coolant Temp sensors need to read Coolant/Water temps to adjust idle speed as well as air fuel ratios as well as fans.

The Transmission! YES PLEASE INSTALL THE TRANSMISSION, before you make any logs or calls to me to discuss idle speeds or any type of surge. You need a complete transmission and Converter or Clutch Assembly installed to your engine.

Install the exhaust system! Do not run it open manifolds/headers or without the front O2 sensors hooked up so you can hear the camshaft. 

Install the Air intake and MAF sensor, many times this is also the intake air temp sensor and again we have double the problems. You need an intake air temperature sensor for correct fueling and timing so the computer can make changes.

When you are having trouble, start by checking your vehicle's Codes. Now that you have your codes from your new LS or LT build, these will point you in the direction of your troubles. 

The Corvette regulators are everyone's favorite for swaps but they also can vary 10-15 psi sometimes. The bigger the pump many times the corvette Filter cannot regulate the pressure and you’re at 70+ psi.