Casey with your LSFest West 2019 WINNER !!

Mail Order Tuner showed up and won both Late Model Heads-Up & LS Outlaw 1/8 Mile at LS Fest 2019. It was an amazing event packed with action. Casey ran a 4.7 @ 153mph in the 8th this pass! Thank you everyone that stopped to say hello & show support for Casey & Mail Order Tuner.

Old man winter has not been our friend this year, wearing out his welcome by at least two full months. Some of you may in fact be asking, "Where's the global warming I paid for?!" As those who live in the American Southwest well know, the warm clime is here, and Las Vegas is especially alluring to Snowbirds looking to shake off the doldrums. Even going into LS Fest West the weekend of May 3 - 5, 2019, late-winter weather was shutting down air travel sporadically across the country

Arguably far more important than the parts themselves is the expertise you'll find all in one place. LS Fest parts manufacturers are always trying new things and coming up with solutions, and each time we go, we find more exciting stuff. The racers and fans themselves have much to share as well, so if you are in the middle of an LS swap, want to give it a try, or just see what it's all about, this is definitely the event you want to hit. In a few more months, we'll be pointing the Car Craft caravan to the Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green, KY on September 6 - 8, 2019 for the East Coast version. For more information, log on to See you there!

Drag Race Final Round Results

LS Outlaw 275
Champion Casey Rance Benton, TX '95 240SX .069 4.802 153.23
R/U Stephanie Strans Phoenix, AZ '02 Camaro .071 4.881 151.78

Late-Model Heads-Up
Champion Casey Rance Benton, TX '10 Camaro .607 7.972 156.06
R/U Robert Russ Litchfield Park, AZ '10 ZR1 .406 8.967 152.81

LS Truck
Champion Kyle Condos Lyman, WY '01 Silverado .377 9.714 63.16
R/U Frank Yee Las Vegas '01 Silverado broke

Champion Bern Mercado Perris, CA '00 Camaro .149 10.406 132.11
R/U Ricky Ruiz Las Vegas '67 Camaro .620 10.005 150.7