Email Tune and Hptuners Bundle - Details and Answers

Fill out our handy online form during checkout - This was done at the time of purchase. Since you have the device, we can make last-minute changes if you have put the wrong data on the form - Tire sizes/Gear ratios are most common.

 Email your tuning file to with the order number in the subject line - We Must have your computer Factory base file - So we can confirm the Year/Make/Model ECM Operation systems Flashing the wrong OS can cause you to Brick your PCM - MOT has no way to verify this unless we get your base file. Until we get your tuning file, we are waiting for you - There is nothing sent to your email after purchase before you getting the device or sending in your base tune 

 I had my computer "unlocked" with Hptuners. Why do I need credits to make changes? 

- HP TUNERS - MPVI3 model 

- Credits are added at the time of purchase Virtually When you get your device set online need to " Resync Interface " (must be connected to the internet and the device) that will pull your credits and allow you to apply them to the Tune file when you upload them

This video has step-by-step details on Resync, Downloading, and Scanning with Hptuners