Email Tune and Hptuners Bundle - Details and Answers

Fill out our handy online form during checkout - This was done at the time of purchase. Since you have the device, we can make last-minute changes if you have put the wrong data on the form - Tire sizes/Gear ratios are most common.

 Email your tuning file to with order number in the subject line - We Must have your computers Factory base file - So we can confirm Year/Make/Model ECM Operation systems Flashing the wrong OS can cause you to Brick your PCM - MOT has no way to verify this unless we get your base file. Until we get your tuning file, we are waiting for you - There is nothing sent to your email after purchase prior to you getting the device or sending in your base tune 

 I had my computer "unlocked" with Hptuners. Why do I need credits to make changes?

- HPTUNERS - MPVI3 model 

- Credits are added at the time of purchase Virtually When you get your device setup online need to " Resync Interface " (must be connected to the internet and the device) that will pull your credits and allow you to apply them to the Tune file when you upload them - 

This video has step-by-step details on Resync, Downloading and Scanning with Hptuners