Email tuning procedures

We are going to go over what you need to do and what we do when you order an email tune. The very first thing you read and click you got it is this Important message below. 

      Important Tuning Information

Our email tune is the fastest, cheapest way to get tuned in a few easy steps: First, fill out our handy online form below. Next, Email your tuning file to with order number in subject, failure to do so will cause delays. We’ll email your tuned file back to you ASAP, usually within 1-2 business days. Retunes we strive for 3-4 days turn around. Note: You must have your own tuner such as an MPVI2 to install your new tuning file. You will need 2-4 credits, we do not provide your credits. NO SPEED DENSITY. 2019+ Silverado please call before ordering(will be done email only) extra fees apply.

                                           Got It

Why is this the first thing? Simple, it explains that you MUST send us your base tune file from your vehicle. DO NOT send us a tune from the repository, it must be the file from your car. You will use your HP Tuners and download the file and save it to your computer. Make sure you know where it saved, I usually download them to the desktop, and save it as ORIGINAL TUNE. This way I know no matter what I have my original tune file. 

NOTE: when downloading your tune file, make sure you download the engine PCM, TCM(if equipped) and DO NOT download the FSC if it has one. I have included the videos we made at the bottom of page. We have a blog on this here for more information:

Okay, Now you have downloaded your tune file and saved it to your computer what do you do? As it states in the very first paragraph of the form you will email it to In the subject line you will put the order number you receive when you checkout. 

Now you have sent MailOrderTuner you have did your part at this time. Now we will do our part and write your custom tune. PLEASE do not ask for a detailed list of every change our tuner has made. There can be over 1000 changes depending on vehicle, mods, etc.  Once your custom tune is done(usually within 24 hours) we will email it back to you. You will notice the name has changed on the file. If you named it Original_tune then it will not be Original_Tune_MOT for example. 

You now have received your new tune from MailOrderTuner. You are now going to load it in your vehicle. You must have the credits with HPTuners to write it. This was also talked about in the very first paragraph you read. As mentioned depending on vehicles take 2-4 credits, some newer vehicles can take more.

You have now loaded your tune file in your vehicle, what do you do next? You will now want to drive the vehicle. Drive it for 10-15 minutes, REGULAR driving. Stop and go, highway, etc. You have to let your different computers learn basically.  Once you drive it you will start doing a data log. 

When doing data logs some things to keep in mind. Make sure you have all the channels added that you should like B1S1, B2S1 which is your front O2 sensors. They must be working as we talk about in our other blog going over O2 sensors. No vacuum leaks, good spark plugs and wires in it. YOU Must also have an exhaust on the car, do not have open headers. Normal driving again during the data log first. Once you get your first data log you are going to re-download the tune file in your car, Name it something like  First Tune file, and attach it and the data log to your email you received from MOT for your tune file. The tuner will  look at everything, making sure that it looks good and then have you do some more data logs with wide open throttle and regular driving. DO NOT JUST STAB THE THROTTLE OVER AND OVER. This give no usable data. Legit wide open throttle pulls are needed, 30-75MPH or so. 


This Blog is intended to give you the basics of doing your email tune. Please read the tuning form and make sure you understand everything.

Do not send repository file to us, it causes more issues in the end.

Make sure you download your file every time you send it to us, many times customers fail to upload the file properly.  When sending a data log please reply to the same email thread.  Starting multiple new emails can cause them to be filtered to spam.  Clean data logs, not just stabbing throttle over and over, or WOT pulls till cleared. Make sure your vehicle is ready to be tuned with new plugs, wires, O2 sensors working, exhaust on the car. Making sure you have no vacuum leaks. Making sure these little things are good t o go before you start sending files back and forth, data logging, etc can save you a lot of time, headaches and make your tuning experience as smooth as possible. 


As always, we recommend you read our other blogs, watch our videos to help you. It can save a lot of back and forth on the phone and emails.