Lets Talk Parts

Today we are going to go over some parts, covering what you should and shouldn't use. For example, known good parts and known trouble parts. Now this is stuff we have learned from building and tuning for over 15 years. 


Throttle Body- There is no reason to replace your good working throttle body with one the same size just because its aftermarket. With that said if you want a bigger throttle body make sure you use a good one like Nick Williams Katech for example. Stay away from BBK, FiTech, and Granatelli Motor Sports. we have never had anything but issues with them. You also do not need a 102mm throttle body on your stock intake manifold. It defeats the purpose. 


Plugs and wires- we always recommend people using NGK TR6 or TR7. For example, depending if you are all motor or boosted there is a difference between LS and LT plugs. We even run them on our 6 sec shop car and we will always use stock or MSD. If you have headers then you will most likely need MSD wires that push the boot off the headers. 


Exhaust- We always recommend using good headers back exhaust like Kooks or American Racing. Now we get that these are high dollar and we do run a lot of Texas Speed exhaust setups on vehicles with no issues. We have seen lots of people order cheap ones off eBay that do not fit right. Spend a little extra and get a good system. The price will reflect fitment and quality - the cheapest parts will normally cause the most issues for you and the tuners! 


Injectors- Injectors are another really big one. DO NOT! I repeat do not use decapped injectors, No Snake Eater injectors. Don't buy cheap sets off eBay as well. Spend the money on a good set of injectors that you know have been tested to flow right, flow the same, etc. We use a lot of fuel injector clinics, FAST, and Injector Dynamics. Depending on the build and rest of the setup will depend on how big you need. You don't need 80lb injectors on a cam only 5.3. 

When you pick and install questionable parts and we are at a stopping point due to mechanical issues you will be charged a retune fee of 125.00 


These are just some small areas to look at when doing your build. If you have any questions you should be talking with your builder and/or tuner about your setup