Mail Order vs Email Tuning With Your MPVI3? What is Better and Why

What is mail order tuning? 

Mail order tuning is when you fill out our online form and mail your PCM/TCM to us. This is a quick easy way to get your vehicle running. Setup for simple builds such as dod delete, or cam-only setups. Even on bigger builds that are heads, cam, intake, stall, etc, we can get tunes done this way. With that said we usually have them 90-95% perfect as long as all information provided is correct. If you have a stall or need to change the transmission setting you will have to pull the TCM as well and send it. A lot of TCMs are inside the transmission. This is something to keep in mind when doing a mail-order tune.

The downside is there may be a few horsepower left on the table. Also if there is an issue we can only go by what you tell us and you’re left sending the PCM back to us. If you are in somewhere like Hawaii or Alaska the shipping cost could get expensive. If you change anything with the setup you’re stuck again sending it back to us. Essentially we are tuning it blind and have to go by what the customer is telling us, and rely on over 20 years of experience we have tuning and building. When there is an issue we look for what the vehicle is telling us ie: codes, symptoms, plugs, etc if there is an issue. 


What is email tuning?

You fill out of form online and email us your file out of your car using HPTuners. With that, email tuning is honestly the best way to get the best tune for your vehicle. The reason is you can data log your vehicle. This allows us to see what the vehicle is doing at all ranges with actual data. Spark, timing, fuel, shift points, etc. This then allows us to adjust the tune off of data and get the tune to the best performance, and drive-ability. Also with an email tune there is no need to pull the TCM and send it to us as you can just read it with HPTuners.

The downside of email tuning is the initial cost. HPtuners has a base price of $300 plus you will need credits to write your vehicle. Depending on the year it could be 2 or 4 credits. Some newer vehicles even need credits for the TCM and an unlocked TCM. Credits are $50 each from HPTuners. We do sell email tune, and HPTuners bundles. When ordering a bundle the HPTuners MPVI2 comes with the credits ready to write your vehicle. The other issue is just getting good data logs.


Deciding which is best for you.

This is something you need to talk to your tuner about. This can vary based on vehicle setup, vehicle goals, and location for example. Many tuners will tell you for all-out performance, track oriented email tuning will be better. As for simple dod delete and daily driving mail order would be fine. So before deciding call and talk to the shop or tuner you plan on going with for tuning.