MAILORDERTUNER.COM: Tuning and Gas Mileage for your LSX or LT Car, and Truck

Why does tuning help with gas mileage? Is it worth it? It is.
Here is's explanation on why: Most trucks have a 26-gallon tank, if a truck gets 15 mpg (which is pretty average,) that's 390 gallons per tank. An increase to 18 mpg gives you a 20% increase and 468 miles per tank.

After the purchase of 5 tanks, you're getting a free tank of gas because every tank now runs you 78 miles more. At $65 per tank, that's a good savings. Also an easy target increase with's service!

If you want to look at it in terms of the tune paying for itself, in 25 tanks of gas it has paid for itself completely. At $320. (Which is the cost of a tune and shipping here at Twenty-five tanks may seem like a lot but that’s maybe 3-4 months worth or even less, depending on driving habits. Ultimately does help with gas mileage. Not only does tuning give you money back in your pocket, but “free” gas too!

Interested in getting a tune and better mileage? can fix just that!

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