Ordering an Email tune process.

Our email tune is the fastest, cheapest way to get tuned in a few easy steps

1. fill out our handy online form.

2. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of VCM Suite(beta). It is what we use to write your tune. 

3. Email your tuning file to mailordertuner@gmail.com with the order number in the subject, failure to do so will cause delays. This is an important step. Failure to send your base file to us and/or not putting the order number in subject will cause delays. Send just an email with a tune file with no association with your order we have no way to tie them together. Specially if sent from a different email than used to order your tune. 

4. We’ll email your tuned file back to you ASAP, usually within 1-3 business days. For Retunes we strive for a 3-4 day turn around. Note: You must have your tuner such as an MPVI2 to install your new tuning file. You will need 2-4 credits depending on the application, we do not provide your credits.

5. NO SPEED DENSITY will be tuned through email or mail order tunes. 

6. Once you get your tune load it into your car. If drive by cable make sure you set your IAC. We have a blog and video on how to do that. DO NOT DRILL A HOLE IN TB.

7. Once the tune is loaded do a data log and send the data log and tune file back to us. Again with the order number in the subject. 

8. It should go without saying but make sure you follow the simple hints before starting your tune process we outlined in our Prepping for Dyno/Street/Email tune blog.