Retune Cost and Info -

The Retune cost is 125.00 This is very simple - If we are working on your tune and you change ANYTHING that you feel effected the tune and now its not running right please fill out the form -   

If we were done with your tune 3 weeks ago and you change the intake manifold, headers, again it will be 125.00 and we will get logs and continue the process. 

We understand customers make changes and want/need adjustments - If you have an issue and needed logs reviewed- Please fill out the retune from and send it over along with your last tune

Just like everything Aftermarket there can be issues - If we are working on your tune and you installed eBay injectors that are leaking or not working - New injectors would be a retune. 

If you change anything that you think needs a touch up, logs reviewed or changes made in the tune after you install new parts there will be an invoice sent over