Tech Help Spark plugs and Spark plug wires

First, if you're reading this - And getting a Tune, or installing a camshaft your car/truck isn't STOCK anymore. You don't need to use OEM plugs
We have to answer a ton of questions and respond with a ton of comments about the dos and don'ts for spark plug wires and even spark plugs.

Just because a spark plug and wires are "new "and recommended by the factory does not mean it is good for your application especially whenever it involves custom tuning custom camshaft more compression and flex-fuel as well as boost.

As the OEM spark plug wires will support power just fine most of the time we have to go to a high-performance wire so that they become more "pliable "so you can bend them out of the way of headers and heat.

We do not recommend heat sleeves for any application I am going to enclose some examples of the stuff that we see every single day here

We can keep this very simple and see if you are an LS engine at all motor we recommend an NGKTR6 spark plug at a .035 gap do not open gaps to .045-.50

LT engine we recommend either a factory spark plug or the NGK LTR7-IX again .035 gap is fine

Many people do not understand that the factory does not open up the spark plug gap because of Performance gains, they open it up because of emissions reasons.

For boosted applications, we would start with the same spark plugs above but we would gap them down to the .025 range
Let's talk plug wires - 99% of customers we tell use an MSD 8.5 wire as it can bench away from the headers and manifolds - we would not use them with the metal heat shields or the fiberglass sleeves as they are not needed
Please look at the pics below of what we do not recommend-


AMAZON PLUGS WIRES #1 on this list - the Large Red ones with shields