Throttle and data logging

Let's go back over data logging and how you should be getting on the throttle. As the picture below the bottom has two throttle signals and graphs outlined in red. You will notice one is choppy and one is overall smooth. You want the overall smooth line.
The choppy line(top one) is someone who is just stabbing or revving the engine over and over. Even while driving just blipping the throttle. This type of throttling gives no real feedback to the tuner. It doesn't give a clear indication of AFR or spark, etc. The tuner can not make adjustments on this type of data log. It is very inaccurate and we will not make adjustments off of data logs like this.

The second line and graph as you see are consistent on someone getting on the throttle for a wide open throttle(WOT) pull and then letting out and then some normal 50% throttle and normal driving. These types of throttle graphs go hand in hand with AFR reading spark to help the tuner see what the vehicle is doing. The tuner then can make the minor or major adjustments needed to get your vehicle running perfectly. It also can let the tuner know if you have any mechanical issues like a bad spark plug or bad O2 sensor for example.

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