Understanding the Areas of the Re-tune form

Today's blog is to help make sure you understand the retune form. 




Sales Order Number

This is the sales order you got when you ordered your first initial tune. We need it to look you up in the system. Not filling in your previous sales order number can delay your turnaround time. 

Intake Manifold
What intake manifold do you have on the car, is it stock, is it ported, MSD, FAST, etc. If it is not stock then you select the aftermarket and list details in the box given. Also, put MAP sensor info in the notes box at the bottom if you have switched it out as well.
Throttle Body
What throttle body do you have on the car, is it stock, is it ported, MSD, FAST, etc. If it is not stock then you select the aftermarket and list details in the box given. 
If you do not have stock headers you will select aftermarket and give details. 
Catalytic Converters
If you have aftermarket or stock catalytic converters mark yes  you have them. 
If you have a modified stock converter or aftermarket select aftermarket and give details, brand, stall size such as 3600 etc. 
Shift Firmness
How do you want your auto-trans to shift? Soft if more for normal daily driving cars. Medium is more geared toward occasional racing. Hard is for those hardcore racers. If you have a manual transmission this does not affect you. 
Rear end gear ratio
List what rear gear ratio you have, if they are stock gears then select stock. If you changed them to 4.q0's for example list them after selecting aftermarket. 
Tire Size
ex: 245/30/17
Give details of your tires. Front and rear tires must be within roughly 1/2" overall diameter if you have an auto car. If they are too far off it can cause ABS issues and affect drivability. 
Desired fan speed
+ - 10%
This is for when your fan kicks on, helping cool vehicle. If change thermostat to cooler one this should be adjusted. 
Delete VATS
Yes/no? *Custom application remove Vats
Yes/no? *Custom application remove Vats VATS=Vehicle Anti-Theft System (Must be removed for swaps) 

Other vehicle changes

Please note that if you have changed the cam, heads, injectors, or engine size, you will be charged $125 for a retune fee. If any questions regarding this please contact us before placing your retune form.

No other changes
Other changes
You may ask why am I being charged for a retune, well if you make certain changes like the ones above we have to rewrite the whole tune. Small things such as simple bolts-ons: exhaust, and cold air intake, are minor adjustments compared to retuning for a cam, heads, injectors etc.
Adding Power adders
Please note that if you add a power adder you will be charged $400 extra. If any questions regarding this please contact us before place your retune form.
No Power Adder
Power Adder
Do you have a supercharger, turbo, or Nitrous? If so you will select the box and will be charged the boosted fee of $400. Also if you are boosted please make sure you have a proper fuel system, injectors, etc to support the power adder. Also, note we will not tune a boosted vehicle by mail order, you must have HP tuners, be able to data log, and have a wideband as well. 
Notes/other instructions/changes

This box is for you to type changes not covered by the simple re-tune form or any notes to the tuner.
Last but not least - Just like the First order you MUST Email us the file for email tunes. Please download the file from your Car/truck it's currently running on and send it over with the new sales order for the Retune in the subject line. We urge customers to re-download the tune file at times so we can verify they are being uploaded correctly, as many times this is an issue.