We custom build Boosted Tunes For your LSX & LT1/LT4 cars and Truck

As we get more requests for more boosted tunes we figured we would touch on some stuff.
Boosted tunes are more complicated than NA tunes. A lot more can go wrong with a boosted tune. This leads to us taking longer dialing in, and writing the first base file. We try to stay very safe when writing your base file.
What can go wrong you ask? Making more boost than thought, not enough injector, not enough fuel pump, leaks with boost and/or fuel. Wrong map sensors and MAF sensors that don't work with the operating system. Crappy no-name injectors that have bad data, no data, or known issues. Wrong size blow-off springs and/or charge pipes.
We highly recommend no skimping when it comes to injectors. You are spending a lot of money on everything with your build spend the extra money for good quality injectors. Injector Dynamics and/or Fuel Injector Clinic injectors are our go-to injectors when we are looking to make a higher HP of 800whp or better. This would indicate using 1000cc injectors or bigger.
The wide band is a must, we have to see the Air/Fuel ratio, this is crucial in letting us know if it is lean, rich, or right on the money. Ballenger wide band is what we recommend. You will also need the HPTuners Pro to be able to connect the wide band too.

This is just some stuff we like people to keep in mind when ordering boosted tunes. As always if you have questions ask your tuner or shop doing the work.