What to do when downloading tune


In this video, we go over downloading your base tune. We have some videos already about this but we wanted to make sure that you understand not to download the FSCM. If you do download the FSCM and then try to write your new tune file it will try to charge you additional credits. Most of the time there is no reason to download it as there are no changes in it to be made. So writing it is just waiting for credits on your HPTuners MPVI.
As you see in the video we tell it not to read. Then we downloaded the base tune. We then save it to the desktop so it is easy to find. We also name it something to let us know it's the base tune file. You can use your order number as well. Example: 2569 base tune. Once you save it you then can email it to mailordertuner@gmail.com by attaching it. IN the subject you will put your order number as well.
The only time you will download the FSCM is if your tuner tells you to.
As always if you have questions please email or call us.