Why am i still waiting on my Email tune ?


The fact is 99% of the time we are waiting for your base file. You must download the file from your own ECM and send it in so we can have matching OS. 

You go to the website, fill out a form, and pay online - once these steps are complete you will be sent an email with a 4-digit order number.

Email your tuning file to mailordertuner@gmail.com with the order number in the subject line - We Must have your computer Factory base file - So we can confirm the Year/Make/Model ECM Operation systems Flashing the wrong OS can cause you to Brick your PCM - MOT has no way to verify this unless we get your base file. Until we get your tuning file, we are waiting for you - There is nothing sent to your email after purchase before you get the device or sending in your base tune
This is the delay in getting your tune - we need your base file from your ECM. 

Please Understand YOU can Brick your ECM - You Need to be responsible safe