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Chevrolet Performance LS7 lifter set is an OE hydraulic roller lifter that can be used in all non-DOD LS and Gen 5 LT engines.

LS7 Lifters – (FAQ’s) Frequently Asked Questions

Mail Order tuner proudly supplies the natural LS7 lifters for LS engines. These lifters are the perfect replacement of the standard lifters known to start as noisy- Often with a sound and evolve into much more of an issue. LS7 lifters prevent damaging the hydraulic camshaft and causing expensive labour and help save our time and headaches with other filters.

Lifters in factories are loaded with springs, and the problem occurs in these loaded lifters and is famous for failing and crucially eating away the camshaft. This can lead to severe problems that can easily be prevented by upgrading the LS7 lifters. These wrong locations and preload result in open values, and therefore this leads to loss of power. These filters are designed to replace the standard filters and will surely suit all LD engines in your factory. We assure you that all our products are manufactured with high-quality material on which you can trust the reliability and performance of the LS-powered vehicle.

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