Texas Speed and Performance "Low Lift" Cam and Springs Package

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This camshaft package is specifically for the Texas Speed low lift truck camshafts that can use the GM LS6 single beehive valve springs.  You will not find a better price on a cam package than this one!  Very economical with respectable horsepower and torque gains, and these camshafts will not be overly radical.  Tuning is Required for aftermarket camshafts. 

This Package Will Include the Following Items: 

  • Your Choice of TSP Low Lift Camshaft
  • GM LS6 Single Beehive Valve Springs, Set of 16, #28-12499224
You can see the power gains below (measured at crank) for each of our camshafts over a factory 5.3L camshaft that we tested on our in-house SuperFlow 902 engine dyno:

  • Stage 1 208/214: +45.1 HP & +21.5 TQ
  • Stage 2 212/218: +51.4 HP & 22.9 TQ
  • Stage 3 216/220: +53.4 HP & 22.0 TQ
Keep in mind that these gains are compared at the peak HP and TQ numbers.  Our cams gained as much as 70+ HP and TQ at other points in the dyno graph, and NONE of these camshafts lose any HP or TQ at 2,000 RPM!  You can see each of the dyno graphs for each camshaft listed on our website.

You will reuse your factory retainers, locks, seats, and seals, as well as your factory pushrods!  You may need to change to a different length pushrod if you change to a different style of lifters at the same time.  Some lifters do vary in overall length.

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