PRC LS7x 265cc CNC Heads

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Precision Race Components LS7 CNC 265cc ported cylinder heads.

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  • PRC 6-Bolt LS7 Cylinder Heads with Thicker Deck Surface
  • Will Work on Both Standard GM 4-Bolt & Aftermarket LSx / RHS 6-Bolt Style Engine Blocks
  • 2.200"/1.610" Valves
  • TSP .660" Dual Spring Kit w/ PAC Springs, Retainers, Seats, & Seals
    Springs, Titanium Retainers, Seats, & Seals
  • CHE Bronze Guides
  • Completely Assembled & Setup To Your Specs
  • Available With Stainless Steel, Hollow-Stem, or Titanium Intake Valves
Extensive CNC and dyno testing has resulted in one of the most affordable and powerful LS7-based cylinder heads available! Flowing up to 35 CFM more than the stock GM LS7 head, the all-new PRC cylinder heads offer both unmatched power and airflow!

The PRC LS7 cylinder heads is available with standard stainless valves, hollow-stem intake, and titanium intake valves.  If you are going to run the stainless steel intake valves, we recommend limiting total valve lift to no more than .616" due to the weight of the intake valve.  Upgrading to the hollow-stem intake valve will shed significant intake valve weight and allow for additional lift.  The titanium intake valves will be the lightest choice of the three choices and offer the best lift possible!



Flow Data:  @ 4.125" Bore Plate  Superflow 600


 LS7 Exhaust   PRC 265cc 
LS7 Intake
  PRC LS7 Exhaust
 .200  161  114  169  119 
 .300  227  171   248  179 
 .400  291  193   308  211 
 .500  330  203  351  224 
 .600  351   209 383  235
 .650  353  204 388  241
 .700  353  209 393  246



 **Valve spring lift ratings are based on using titanium intake valves.

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