Cleetus McFarland "Bald Eagle" Cathedral Stroker Twin Turbo Cam

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Purchase the same camshaft that Cleetus McFarland is running in "Leroy", his savage 427 CID C5 Corvette!  The Bald Eagle camshaft was custom-ground for Leroy and is a great choice for twin turbocharged applications with 400+ cubic inches.  This cam comes with a large dose of 'murica and full of bald eagles!  Do it for Dale!  You can see the initial start-up video of Leroy with his 427 CID and hear this camshaft idle in the link below:

The camshaft specs are listed below:

243/247 @ .050", .629"/.629", 114 LSA, 112 ICL

This camshaft has a nice lope at idle, and automatic-equipped vehicles will require a minimum of a 3200 RPM stall speed torque converter.  This cam can easily be daily driven with zero issues once tuned properly.  The twin turbo stroker Bald Eagle cam will require our TSP dual spring kit that includes PAC Racing polished dual valve springs, titanium retainers, spring seats, and valve seals.
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