GM 3-Bolt 4x Upper Sprocket (28-12586481) & ARP Cam Bolts (46-134-1003)

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his GM cam gear is used in late model combos that are being swapped from the single-bolt cam to the older three-bolt cam design. You will also need ARP cam bolts, part number 46-134-1003! This gear mounts to the camshaft via 3 three bolts and has the 4X reluctor (4 raised portions for cam position sensor to read).

ARP Camshaft Bolt Kit for LS1, LS2, L92, LS7 Engines.

These high-quality ARP cam bolts have increased preload clamping force to ensure positive timing gear register. Their increased material strength overcomes valvetrain harmonics and stress. These cam bolts have a reduced head size that makes installation and removal easier. They are available in 170,000 psi high-performance kits, and 190,000 psi Pro series kits.