TSP 228/232 .600"/.600" Camshaft

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The 228/232 camshafts use lobes that are designed to be both beehive & double valve spring friendly.

The 228/232 camshaft is available in a wide variety of lobe separations. The most popular options customers select is either the 112 LSA or the wider 114 LSA.  The 112 LSA helps to bring the camshafts powerband lower in the rpm band.  The lower LSA also creates a slightly rougher idle.


The 228/232 camshaft is a very popular camshaft for customers wanting a very streetable camshaft that makes approximately 5-7 more horsepower than the 228R camshaft.  Dyno testing has shown the 228/232 camshaft to make a solid 50-55 RWHP gains with all other supporting bolt-on modifications in place.  The 228/232 camshaft is large enough that we recommend a minimum 2,800 RPM stall converter in automatic cars.  Tuning will also be required in both automatic & manual applications.
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