TSP Stage 3 Low Lift 5.3 Truck Camshaft 216/220, .550/.550

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Texas Speed Low Lift 216/220, .550/.550 Camshaft With Your Choice of Lobe Separation

This cam gained 53.4 HP and 22.0 TQ at the flywheel on our in-house SuperFlow 902 engine dyno using an otherwise stock 5.3L engine!

This cam uses proprietary TSP lobe profiles that are designed to utilize the factory GM LS6 single beehive valve springs and your factory pushrods, making them the most affordable cam package on the market!

1400-6000 RPM Power Band; This is an excellent performance camshaft with a slight lope at idle!  We've had tons of customers select this camshaft when looking for a cam that drives well and can be daily driven without any issues! 

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